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“I wanted to thank you for my recent experience catapulted by VLI’s first Destined to Lead workshop held here in Prince William County. That particular workshop provided the impetus for me to set-up a meeting with my area Supervisor in an effort to identify vacant seats on one of the county commissions. I received a call from the Supervisor’s office about a week later asking if I was still interested in the possible seat and of course I said yes! Virginia Leadership Institute provided the spark in me to do so!”

Ramunda Lark Young, Mahogany Books

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“I am really grateful for the work that VLI is doing- working with VLI was helpful in preparing me to run. I know VLI has provided training to hundreds of Virginians and is one of the primary ways those in our community gain key campaign skills and stay plugged into Virginia politics.”

John Taylor Chapman, Alexandria City Council


"When African Americans make progress in this nation, we raise the standards for everyone. However, too few members of our community have the weapons they need to win in the place where significant battles are continually fought: the political arena. VLI is committed to changing that. With training, research, and entertaining opportunities to meet like-minded activists, VLI moves us closer to that day when seeing a highly-qualified African American running for, or holding, an elected or appointed office will be more common than beltway traffic. It is a joy and privilege to join VLI on the front lines as a volunteer."

Theresa Caldwell, Communications Professional

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